Tuesday, January 4, 2011

visit to Azeemabad /PATNA

The city of poets ,traditions and hospitality,Patna welcomed me whole heartedly on 24th December,2010.THERE WAS A CONFERENCE NAM ED 'SHAME - ILM"on 25th and 26th December. Thousands of ladies and men turned up to listen to their guests ,one from BOMBAY Mr Mubarak kapudi Saheb and another from Delhi,myself.The main focus was on the need of educational revolution in Muslim Community in both the speakers talks.The Education ,quality education,role of parents and society in bringing positive change through education etc were the main concerns.
I got the opportunity to visit two schools managed by minorities and have interaction with their teachers .It was very surprising to know that our friends are still following old methodology of rote memorization and rattafication.Less emphasis is paid to activity based learning and understanding the content.I conducted a workshop on "innovations in learning methodologies"The response from the teachers was very encouraging .They were keen to learn more and more.They brought forward their problems of lack of resources and non cooperation from the parents. The community can spend thousands and lakhs on small functions like,aqeeqa, khatna,bismillah,nashrah,birthday and many more, but can not spare money for educational learning materials.
Hundred years ago Sir Sayyad said that a man acquire all the qualities through education.Its true even for today.
Dear friends!
lets change our attitude toward education .lets give it the first priority.lets spend our money wisely .lets save money for our children's education.as a teacher lets learn new and innovative techniques of teaching .Lets enhance our qualifications and develop our talents.

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