Saturday, July 21, 2012


‘There is only one happiness in life—to love and be loved.’

Zubia ,a three grader girl was the talk of the town. All the teachera have to narrate something or other about she stole the chocolate from  other child,s bag ,that she pushed a child .the other day she just burst out and shouted at the teacher.
I my major concern was not the events but the causes .why was she behaving like this?I decided to meet her ,but in my office ,there she might be frightened and could not share most of the things with me .i waited for the games period and caught her in the play ground .she was playing with a ball all alone. Rest were busy with their friends.I offered myself to play with her she agreed upon and I started the general conversation .she revealed that she was angry with his father .earlier his father used to sleep with her but now he sleeps with a new aunty .then I recalled ,yes! Two years ago her mother died while delivering third baby.first time I saw any husband crying so bitterly for his wife. He decided to take care of  all three kids all alone .but life is very complexed.the news of his remarriage was not given to the school .and the poor child was suffering day and night to see his father not sleeping with him but with another lady who was not her mother. Now whole picture was clear .I decided to shower all my love and care on zubiya and requested the class teacher as well .till the baby understands the situation.
Today zubia is a topper of her class and got an award for being disciplined.
It was the magical effect of love.
Love is a universal feeling, which is felt by every living being on this earth. Plants and animals everyone is acquainted with this strange emotion. Though there is no definition to describe this unique feeling of love, it is characterized by a sense of attachment and affection towards somebody or something. Human beings have an innate quality of giving and feeling love. When a baby is born, parents forget about their hunger, sleep, as they are so much in love with their child. The sweet ecstasy of love enables the man to accomplish tasks that would not have been possible without its powers. The enigmatic emotion exceeds all boundaries and has great potential of changing lives of the people. The majesty of the feeling is such that it allows humans to treat each other with kindness and compassion. In fact one can say that there are a number of emotions bred by love. It might be any relation binding us together; love is ubiquitous in different forms. A tender mother’s touch, a fatherly concern or a brotherly, sisterly affection, everything expresses love.
Love and care are synonyms.when we love somebody we care for his needs .we smell his requirements.even we take care  of  his  smallest  concern. his sorrow and his happiness is our greatest efforts.we don’t leave any stone unturned to make the person delightful and gay. .his success and happiness  is all what we want from our lives.this care is the result of unconditional love.
When we love our children it has an magical effect on both of releases a positive energy which reaches far  off and multiplies by many folds when it is received in the same quantum.

In education, Love is a magic wand. It can tackle the most difficult, stubborn and undisciplined child. It can transform the child and make his future. The only language a toddler and an adult understand. .It can do miracles to an emotionally struggling child, a disheartened child, an unhappy, problematic & adamant child. Teachers who use love as their tool never face a problem in handling children. They know the insides & outsides of the child. It makes them close to the children & their best buddies. The children don’t feel threatened or afraid to share their deepest feelings, desires, happiness, fears & sadness with their teachers. This helps the teacher to help the child in making emotionally stable and secure.

Even in teenagers, when they are going through the uncertainties, love can only bring them to track. Those teenagers who have very strict parents or strict teachers find it difficult to gel and make a rapport with them. They fear to even share the minute details of their life. They form a kind of barrier around them which nobody can trespass. Here also, if the parents & teachers use love as their tools they can easily breakthrough the barriers and reach their hearts. They can then delve into the deepest secrets and be a friend to them. They can help, guide & prevent them from deviating from the right track.

As adults we also need love. Love is the necessity of our lives. Without love life is empty. One word of love can make the day. It gives immense emotional satisfaction, stability & confidence. It develops understanding with the beloved. A kind loving word can heal any wound. Selfless, not demanding but understanding love between couples can build everlasting relations between them.

Today I would like to take this opportunity to give all my fairy teachers a magic wand and that wand is -----------LOVE--------Thus, love is the only magical wand which can solve all the problems and make our schools a better place where learning can take place with pleasure and without burden. 
On the wings of an eagle,
My love for you (children)flies.
Soaring higher and higher,