Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Daughters,Sisters and Mothers

when Delhi was shining with lights and colours during Common Wealth Games ,i got the opportunity to visit a few Slums in Meerut ,through an N G O.It was an eye opener how people survive in such pathetic conditions where even animals would not dwell.In a jhonpda of 6 by 7 ,seven family members live on one khatiya,without any water and toilet facility. Most of the ladies and girls engage themselves in knitting of different kinds of nets,for which they are paid Rs10/-after toiling since morning till evening.here we spend more than Rs 300/- for one Pizza.It means their one month earning in friction of seconds finished.Have we ever thought that those are my daughters mothers and sisters. Those are a part of mine ,my Indian family. how long will they suffer?
how long will they live in this condition worse than insects .I and two of my friends felt sorry for them,took pity on them ,discussed their problems for three four days after coming back from the field trip.We could not enjoy our food for few days.But after that we came back to our normal routine.this is the fact of life .Our memory span is very short.We think momentary.let us change our attitude and do something for them .