Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today at N.C.E.R.T I met one of my old friends,teaching in a famous government school.After introductory talks and informal conversation I asked about the School and children's performance.I was surprised to know that there are seventy /eighty children in one section .And one of the section of the school has more than hundred children.
I was really shocked.How is it possible for a human being to deliver effective lesson to such a large number of students ,that to at school level.Its not the matter of lecturing ,MANY ISSUES ARE RELATED TO THIS.Notebooks correction,use of T L M,projects, assignments,co-scholastic activities as well as scholastic activities AND MAINTAINING THEIR RECORDS .
Can we expect quality education in such condition? Above all our promotion policy ! WAH WAH !
What would be the learning outcome ?
who is responsible for this?

I thanked Allah that we are at better place .We can teach effectively to a smaller group of children.We can organize as many activities as we wish.We can enjoy our teaching while providing opportunities to the children to enjoy their learning.
Thank you Allah for everything.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advice: Honesty is a feature that distinguishes a true Muslim from a hypocrite. Sadly, this quality of honesty seems to have become almost non-existent in this era. Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has drawn the difference between a true Muslim and a Munafiq (hypocrite) with very clear terms. The signs of a Munafiq are three: a) when he speaks, he lies. b) When he makes a promise, he fails to fulfill it. c) When he is entrusted with something, he abuses that trust (Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith #: 33, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah). To develop this great quality of honesty, we should remind ourselves constantly that Allah is aware of our actions and intentions. Furthermore, we should ponder over the benefits of honesty. In a Hadith in Sahih Muslim is mentioned that a person who remains honest in his dealings and way of life will eventually be declared by Allah as a Siddeeq (a very high ranking saint who enjoys a status just below the Prophets in Jannah.


Saturday, December 4, 2010


As usual I was on my way to drop my son at D.P.S Mathura Road ,early morning at around 7.15 AM.After crossing D.N.D Flyover ,it was red light as expected at Ashram Chowk.Waiting for two minutes at that time was like waiting for Qiyamat .SUDDENLY I heard the sound of laughter similar to that which I hear everyday in my Silver city Apt at 5.30 am by enthusiastic old people,trying to add some more precious time to their life span.what was it ?I was greatly surprised. Laughter at this moment when every body is in tension ,facing great stress to reach their destination on time, shouting at each other and sometimes abusing too. I looked here and there .I found a group of seven eight ladies crossing the road from Mthura road to Ring road.All in beautiful Saree,talking ,laughing and enjoying their morning walk. I thought for a moment "kash main bhi aise hans sakti subha sawere ,tension free "main ne ne badi hasrat se unki taraf dekha.
but......?what is this ? All are wearing anklets (kade) like Banjarans .Oh ,No, not only kade but huge Ghaghras inside Sarees.So...that's the matter .Now I understood.I tried to recognize the faces .Some of them had already met me on this red light before. meri car ko hasrat bhari nazar se dekhte hue.At that time I did not pay any attention to them.I was busy in planning my day's schedule.But...........TODAY!!!!!They were the centre of my attraction and reason for my envy.

The happiest section of the society is the beggar's society.Is beggary an evil ,a profession or fashion?

What do you say?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Friends

Today when I came out of my house to go to school at 7 am ,I was a little late.I requested my hubby to drive faster to reach on time.It was quite comfortable to drive at 100 speed on Noida expressway.But when reached to kalindi kunj I got irritated with the loud noise of horns.whats the matter? I peeped outside the car,there was a thela with four small kids aged between 5 years to 2 years, and the boy who was pulling it was hardly 7 years old . In the morning when the whole world is rushing to the schools .colleges and parents make all efforts to get their kids ready for the school,what were these children doing on the road with a thela full of garbage ?where were their parents?who is responsible for their such conditions? what about free and compulsory education policy of government?
My husband shouted at them loudly to get a side so that he can drive faster and move forward.I was under great stress for getting late .I just said "kis ne in ko paida karke road par phenk diya?"but was my statement justified and enough as a responsible citizen of India?what did I do for them?nothing .I reached school and continue with my works without even thinking for those kids for a moment.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As a teacher I always think where our youth are going? Today's priorities are "babar ba aish kosh ki alam dobara neest"khao piyo aur mauj karo. but is this the purpose of life? Is it wise to waste our energy and resources in useless activities? no direction ,no purpose ,no strive .It seems that they have given up.whenever I go to Okhla from Noida ,I found young children of this area loitering around ,using abusive language.eating gutkas and staring at passers by.

why ?why don't they realize their potentials?why don't they engage themselves in some constructive works?why don't they remember Iqbal's Shaheen?

"tu shaheen hai parvaz hai kam tera
tere samne aasma aur bhi hain'

where are those shaheen and where are those aasman?

can you suggest me some possible constructive remedies for these ignorant youth?

let us join our hands to do something to change the situation .

At least we can counsel them .
So, next time whenever you see such people ,don't hesitate to counsel them with love.

ALlah is always with you.

lots of Love and Care

Dr Haleema Sadia

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Daughters,Sisters and Mothers

when Delhi was shining with lights and colours during Common Wealth Games ,i got the opportunity to visit a few Slums in Meerut ,through an N G O.It was an eye opener how people survive in such pathetic conditions where even animals would not dwell.In a jhonpda of 6 by 7 ,seven family members live on one khatiya,without any water and toilet facility. Most of the ladies and girls engage themselves in knitting of different kinds of nets,for which they are paid Rs10/-after toiling since morning till we spend more than Rs 300/- for one Pizza.It means their one month earning in friction of seconds finished.Have we ever thought that those are my daughters mothers and sisters. Those are a part of mine ,my Indian family. how long will they suffer?
how long will they live in this condition worse than insects .I and two of my friends felt sorry for them,took pity on them ,discussed their problems for three four days after coming back from the field trip.We could not enjoy our food for few days.But after that we came back to our normal routine.this is the fact of life .Our memory span is very short.We think momentary.let us change our attitude and do something for them .

Monday, February 8, 2010



22nd February 2010 t0 28th February 2010

Proposed Programme

An – Noor has visited a few areas in Western U.P. and Mewat, Haryana and found that the condition of women in general and Muslim women in particular is pathetic. They lack behind in education, employment and basic sense of hygiene. An – Noor has planned to take an awareness Caravan of active women to the towns and villages of these areas to provide awareness to the women about education, health and hygiene, employment, scholarships and Welfare Schemes available for Minorities and women.

The objectives of this Caravan are :

* To provide awareness about educational opportunities.

* To provide information about employment.

* To motivate the women to realize and utilize their potential and worth.

* To provide awareness about health and hygiene.

* To make them realize the need of communal harmony


Organized by

An-Noor Women’s Welfare Organization

Co-ordination with/Supported by

Al – Haj Rozuddin Education Foundation

All India Muslim Women Welfare Organization

UP Rabita committee

Bihar Rabita committee

Aravali Education Society

Ujala Charitable and Welfare Society


Khawateen Bedari Caravan




Women’s Education


Opportunities about employment for women


Health & Hygiene


Social Reform


Communal Harmony


Self help, the best help