Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today at N.C.E.R.T I met one of my old friends,teaching in a famous government school.After introductory talks and informal conversation I asked about the School and children's performance.I was surprised to know that there are seventy /eighty children in one section .And one of the section of the school has more than hundred children.
I was really shocked.How is it possible for a human being to deliver effective lesson to such a large number of students ,that to at school level.Its not the matter of lecturing ,MANY ISSUES ARE RELATED TO THIS.Notebooks correction,use of T L M,projects, assignments,co-scholastic activities as well as scholastic activities AND MAINTAINING THEIR RECORDS .
Can we expect quality education in such condition? Above all our promotion policy ! WAH WAH !
What would be the learning outcome ?
who is responsible for this?

I thanked Allah that we are at better place .We can teach effectively to a smaller group of children.We can organize as many activities as we wish.We can enjoy our teaching while providing opportunities to the children to enjoy their learning.
Thank you Allah for everything.

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  1. Well said Dr
    Children need individual attention at school level and it may not be possible for a teacher teaching such a large number of student at a time.