Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Friends

Today when I came out of my house to go to school at 7 am ,I was a little late.I requested my hubby to drive faster to reach on time.It was quite comfortable to drive at 100 speed on Noida expressway.But when reached to kalindi kunj I got irritated with the loud noise of horns.whats the matter? I peeped outside the car,there was a thela with four small kids aged between 5 years to 2 years, and the boy who was pulling it was hardly 7 years old . In the morning when the whole world is rushing to the schools .colleges and parents make all efforts to get their kids ready for the school,what were these children doing on the road with a thela full of garbage ?where were their parents?who is responsible for their such conditions? what about free and compulsory education policy of government?
My husband shouted at them loudly to get a side so that he can drive faster and move forward.I was under great stress for getting late .I just said "kis ne in ko paida karke road par phenk diya?"but was my statement justified and enough as a responsible citizen of India?what did I do for them?nothing .I reached school and continue with my works without even thinking for those kids for a moment.


  1. Ma'am what ever you are doing for the deprived section of the society in your capacity as a secretary of An noor is praiseworthy....hats off to your hard work and dedication. May God Bless you for all the good work you are doing.

  2. Very well documented!!!

    These scenes are not uncommon for us either but we find ourselves helpless in this regard. Whenever such kids come in front of us, we feel bad for them but soon we are busy with our own life and completely forget their condition. A combined effort though can bring a lot of change but that very effort need to be initiated by people like us.

  3. Ma'am hats off to you for being such a concerned and thoughtful person...i agree with Aastha...that on your part you are putting your best efforts to change the society and minds of muslims...i really admire your journey of success...May Allah help you and guide you in this endeavor.It is a difficult task but NGO's like yours can come forward for this deprived section...funds can be raised so that these children can get admissions in Govt.Schools and vocational training can also be given to them to meet their ends.