Monday, July 1, 2013

Are we really right Our perception?

One of the parents barged in to my office  without knocking ,with a fake smile on his face.A small girl followed him with a beautiful smile . He confessed that he did not attend the open house since he is a general manager in a  bank and hardly gets time to attend such meetings.
I informed the gentleman that open house was in the evening and all the teachers  waited for the parents till 8'o clock night and I believe that no bank generally works for these long hours . He was not expecting this reply from me ,so he argued that today I have taken leave just to visit the school and I want to meet the class teacher just now.
I apologized saying that I am very sorry ,the class teacher is not free at the moment to attend you and I would have appreciated your leave on Saturday ,when not only the class teacher but all other subject teachers were waiting for you to give the feedback and FA-2 result of your daughter.
Today  you took leave as per your own convenience without seeking an appointment to meet  the class teacher or the  Principal .I am unable to help you today due to the prior engagements of the staff. .
On this he was greatly annoyed and raised his voice ,shouting at me and blaming the school for many other  meagre  things .
Through out our conversation I observed that his daughter was standing and trying to cool down her father by pulling his shirt's sleeves.
He continued showing his anger and  I kept on  waiting for his silence .Finally I told him if he really wants to meet the class teacher , he has to come tomorrow during the short break  .
To this he just banged the door and went away ,

As a Principal ,I am habitual of such treatment ,,,,It was not new to me .I just  started signing the pile of CCA certificates which were to be given tomorrow ,
Suddenly the door opened ,the girl (daughter of same gentleman)  peeped in my office and hesitantly said ,
and the door closed ...
She was gone ,
I was surprised and shocked ,Every time we blame the new generation ,having no sanskar  no ,manners ,no ethics  and no  human values.
 If it is true ? then who provoked the girl to feel sorry for his father's misconduct and extend  her apology????????????
Are we  really right   in  our perception?