Saturday, December 4, 2010


As usual I was on my way to drop my son at D.P.S Mathura Road ,early morning at around 7.15 AM.After crossing D.N.D Flyover ,it was red light as expected at Ashram Chowk.Waiting for two minutes at that time was like waiting for Qiyamat .SUDDENLY I heard the sound of laughter similar to that which I hear everyday in my Silver city Apt at 5.30 am by enthusiastic old people,trying to add some more precious time to their life span.what was it ?I was greatly surprised. Laughter at this moment when every body is in tension ,facing great stress to reach their destination on time, shouting at each other and sometimes abusing too. I looked here and there .I found a group of seven eight ladies crossing the road from Mthura road to Ring road.All in beautiful Saree,talking ,laughing and enjoying their morning walk. I thought for a moment "kash main bhi aise hans sakti subha sawere ,tension free "main ne ne badi hasrat se unki taraf dekha.
but......?what is this ? All are wearing anklets (kade) like Banjarans .Oh ,No, not only kade but huge Ghaghras inside Sarees.So...that's the matter .Now I understood.I tried to recognize the faces .Some of them had already met me on this red light before. meri car ko hasrat bhari nazar se dekhte hue.At that time I did not pay any attention to them.I was busy in planning my day's schedule.But...........TODAY!!!!!They were the centre of my attraction and reason for my envy.

The happiest section of the society is the beggar's society.Is beggary an evil ,a profession or fashion?

What do you say?

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