Friday, January 23, 2015

Conversation with a five years old girl

Conversation with a five years old girl

while watching the rehearsal of primary section,one small fair  girl captured my attention with her beautiful eyes.I was staring at her and she felt it .She was the front dancer and enjoying her steps gracefully.After rehearsal, I called her  and asked her name, grade and  which place she belong to ..She was a beautiful Pakistani girl.I asked, "do you like the school""yes" was her answer.your teacher? yes.your friends?yes.your studies and activities at school?yes.What you don't like?nothing ,she replied confidently. quite an intelligent girl! I thought proudly.  OK Then what do you like the most?
And the answer was ,to my surprise,YOU,
I was speechless I hardly saw this  girl before,Being in a school of 6000 students you hardly interact with primary children.Most of our time is consumed by senior graders who have to appear for the Board exam or the middle graders boys for their achievements in activities or  indiscipline issues.
I couldn't ask further.She bade goodbye and ran to her class.
These are the children with twenty first century life  skills .A 5 years old girl knows how to respond to the Principal of her school for such questions.
Today's children-bold, confident,straight forward,clear in their thoughts,well skilled in communication and interpersonal traits.
Let's handle them with lots of care.............


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